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     Figtree's Cafe was started in May 1978 by Bill and Tami Feigenbaum to fulfill their dream of having a coffee house on the Ocean Front Walk.   Feigenbaum (translated from German) means 'Figtree.'  They were one of only a handful of food eateries that were serving tofu dishes in Southern California at the time.  In 1983, the Feigenbaums built a kitchen and began serving a full menu.  They remodeled in 1988 to the Figtree that we know today.  Over the years, Figtree's have become well known for our delicious and healthful food and friendly service. 
     Their goal is simple.  They wanted to serve yummy and fresh food in a warm and embracing environment conducive to relaxing with family and friends. "The food we serve is the food we eat ourselves at home and we get great pleasure in sharing it with others," Tami Feigenbaum.
     In May 2006, the Feigenbaums decided to retire from the food buisness and sold it to an Argentinean family.  Jose and Victoria Bunge took over the helm of Figtree's and still are the current owners.